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Wireless Charging Near Us

Shenzhen Hongdian Corporation | Updated: Jun 03, 2014

Our lives are being surround with WiFi, Bluetooth, 2G, 3G, 4G, etc., The digital world "wireless" will join with us.


However, from smartphones to tablet to a notebook, we still can not escape the shackles of the power off .We always worried of the low battery while out , where you can not find a place to recharge.


So is the time for "wireless charging."

In fact, the theory of electromagnetic induction which support wireless charge, this technology has heard long time ago, but the wireless charge technology still not realized until the "charging station" appear.


Charging station is able to charge wireless devices through electromagnetic induction technology, as long as standing nearby charging stations, there is power by electromagnetic induction charging into your phone, tablet and notebook, of course, you need to have the appropriate equipment in power receiver.

Till now, this wireless charging method is only working stable in a short distance , while the long-distance transmission will have problems due to dispersion of radio waves, charging efficiency is not high.


However, some companies are experimenting with remote wireless charging without limit distance ,this technology will improved distance problem .

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