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The Wireless Router Has A Signal Range Of 300 Meters

Shenzhen Hongdian Corporation | Updated: May 10, 2017

A wireless router is a router for users to access the Internet with wireless coverage.

A wireless router can be viewed as a repeater that forwards the broadband network signals from the home wall to nearby wireless network devices (laptops, wifi phones, tablets, and all devices with WIFI) via the antenna.

The popular wireless routers on the market generally support private xdsl / cable, dynamic xdsl, pptp four access methods, it WiFi Router also has some other network management functions, such as dhcp service, nat firewall, mac address filtering, dynamic domain name and so on The

Popular wireless routers on the market generally only support 15-20 devices within the same time online use.

The general wireless router signal range is 50 meters radius, and now there are some wireless router signal range reached a radius of 300 meters.

How does the wireless router set up?

Now most of them are a broadband multi-person, it must use the router, and that the router must first mention the wireless routing friends, at home not only use the computer, the phone also need to use it, ok here to share with you How to set up a wireless router.

A. First, if there is a wireless router, then the first power connected, and then plug in the network cable, into the line inserted in the wan mouth (usually blue), and then connected with the computer network cable to plug what lan mouth friends , WiFi Router And then do this work, and then you will see the router behind an address with the account password, after connecting the browser input in the router to see the address, usually (of course, if your home is using a WiFi Router telephone line It would also like to prepare a modulator, commonly known as "cat")

B. Then enter, enter the corresponding account with the password, the general new are bought admin

C. After entering the user interface, you will see a setup wizard on the left, into the attack (the general are automatically pop out)

D. Go to the Setup Wizard interface

E. Click on the next step, enter the Internet mode settings, we can see there are three ways to choose the Internet, if your home is dialing then use PPPoE. Dynamic IP general computer plug directly into the network can be used, the upper DHCP server. Static IP is generally what the green, it may be the district bandwidth, the upper there is no DHCP server, or want to fixed IP. Because I dialed so choose pppoe.

F. Select PPPOE dial-up Internet access is necessary to fill the Internet account with the password, this should we all understand, open broadband will have an account with, fill in the OK friends

J. Then the next step into the wireless settings, we can see the channel, mode, security options, SSID, etc., the general SSID is a name, you can easily fill, and then most of the mode with 11bgn. Wireless security options we want Choose wpa-psk / wpa2-psk, so safe, so easy to let people crack and rub network.

The next step is to set up success

Click to complete, the router will automatically restart, this time you wait patiently. After the success of the interface.

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