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The Purchasing Skill Of DVR In CAR

Shenzhen Hongdian Corporation | Updated: Jul 28, 2017

DVR is based on digital video compression storage and 3G wireless transmission Technology (digital), combined with GPS positioning monitoring, vehicle travel recorder, SD card high-capacity storage, multi-channel data interface, voice call function.

The car DVR video recorder belongs to the traditional embedded DVR's subdivision shopping mall, which is a new special commodity developed with the digital video and audio coding skill in the vehicle. The DVR has contacted the digital video audio codec, the bad environment big capacity data hard disk storage, Mobile DVR the car electronics, the wireless video network transmission, the GPS satellite localization and so on the leading skill, completes to the passenger transport occupation, the special vehicle occupation as well as other related category's video and audio surveillance. So, how to choose the car DVR? The following small series to teach you to choose the right car DVR.

Analysis of customization function of DVR

1, the police vehicle custom function analysis

The primary function of the public security profession to the car DVR is: Video surveillance, wireless network transmission, PTZ control and so on. Mobile DVR Traffic police pay more attention to how to carry out illegal evidence, the first demand is: License plate recognition, blacklist ratio. There is also a similar need for urban management and transportation.

2. Analysis on the function of passenger transport vocation customization

In addition to the short vehicle video surveillance function, the demand for the passenger-car DVR has the function of wireless network video surveillance (to know the real-time condition of the car), GPS satellite positioning, vehicle dispatching, vehicle voice station, Mobile DVR vehicle marching information record and multimedia entertainment advertisement.

3. Analysis of the function of financial profession customization

Financial professional cash-carrying vehicles require DVR Video recorder secure and reliable operation, and in the event of an emergency can be immediately uploaded to the audio and alarm information to manage the intermediary channels, and monitoring intermediary channels to interact.

4, other vehicles on-board DVR video Recorder

There is also a need for real-time monitoring of rail traffic, Mobile DVR ships and aviation. These occupations in addition to the need to add hard drive damping and strengthening disposal, but also note that such projects are used in the power supply and general car power, for example: the train to supply the car equipment is mostly $literal or dc110v, while the general car power supply for $literal or $literal.

5, Car electronic customization function

On-board DVR should also be related to the role of car electronics, such as: Car travel data collection and upload throughout the selection can bus skills, car DVR Video Recorders should also have can bus access and analysis of the disposal of functions, through the hard disk record vehicle travel information, Mobile DVR and to analyze and dispose of important data.

Car DVR for attention

To ensure the normal operation of DVR recorders, it is important to ensure that the power supply plate output power is stable. In the fixed narrow voltage environment, because the input voltage and current base is stable, moreover, in terms of electricity, output power resolution input power, Mobile DVR so the general hard disk recorder power supply only need an adapter can, an adapter is a transformer with a filter circuit, a little conscience plus a protection circuit, no conscience of the protection circuit is not installed, cheap, so the general cost of hard disk recorders and protection costs relatively low price.

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