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The Data Transmitter Has Security And Confidentiality

Shenzhen Hongdian Corporation | Updated: Jul 18, 2017

Data transmission is widely used in the original simulation system upgrade upgrade HD, Data Transmission Unit the new system long-distance transmission and other projects.

Data Transmitter Features:

No need to change line:

Existing analog monitoring system upgrade network HD biggest change is the need to use (or re-lay) cable, and the use of "cable" can not change the original analog system coaxial electricity costs, Data Transmission Unit immediately build a network of high-definition system, Fully protect the user's original investment.

The data transmitter supports multi-node networking:

With only one coaxial cable, you can access more than 20 million high-definition video signals (as well as audio, alarm, control signals) from the line nodes, which will greatly increase the level of coaxial electricity costs and set up for the system Provide enough flexibility to facilitate.

Far away transmission distance:

No longer relay 2000 meters ultra-long distance transmission of high-definition video data, Data Transmission Unit far greater than the use of cable only 100 meters transmission distance, the use of SYV-75-5 coaxial cable transmission 2000 meters, TCP data traffic can still be maintained at 30Mbps or more The

High communication speed:

2) cable length less than 1000M - 74Mbps; 3) cable length is less than 2000M - 30Mbps; 3) cable length is less than 2000M - 30Mbps; 3) cable length is less than 2000M - 30Mbps;

Data transmitter with security and confidentiality:

Support AES-128 security encryption; support manufacturers, Data Transmission Unit users of their own code, the scene immediately change the communication password;

Supports remote power supply (optional)

You can use coaxial cable or telephone Data Transmission Unit line to provide power support for remote devices. 500M SVY75-5 cable, support 40W power output;

Ready to use

No need to set, no need to debug the plug and play mode, so that the cable through the transmitter can immediately connect coaxial cable, and it has the ability to transmit high-definition network video signal, greatly simplifies the project installation, Data Transmission Unit saving construction costs, Ready to use

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