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Special Features Of DVR For Car

Shenzhen Hongdian Corporation | Updated: Aug 31, 2017

In-car DVR with the large increase of vehicles, the market demand for the monitoring and management system has increased significantly, and its features are the reasons for its popularity.

1, Car DVR surveillance function Monitoring Center can be remotely monitoring vehicle video real-time, support through a variety of terminals for monitoring, mainly including PC, such as client, TV wall, hand. Machine terminals, and has remote video browsing, remote control, multiple screen surveillance, Mobile DVR multiple picture polling, manual video, video playback and other functions.

(a) Monitoring the client Monitoring center through the dedicated line to the telecommunications IDC room, customers can monitor the video browsing and camera PTZ control functions.

(ii) Large-screen TV wall can be installed network video decoder, the front-end acquisition of digital signal decoding to restore image and sound transmission to the TV wall, Mobile DVR for users to provide multi-channel monitoring point image of the centralized real-time display.

(c) hand. Computer Monitoring DVR Video recorder through the built-in monitoring client software 3G hand. Machine terminals to achieve remote video browsing, remote cloud control, video screenshots and other functions to meet customer remote video viewing, remote emergency command demand, to 3G customers anytime and anywhere to provide video surveillance services.

2, video storage playback using multi-level storage structure, Mobile DVR car inside the vehicle hard drive, storage CIF (D1), wireless upload CIF. Car video can be remote query, download.

3, car alarm linkage car alarm linkage mainly includes an external alarm button, that is, the driver in the course of the emergency situation can be alerted to the monitoring center. Two is two-way voice call.

4. GPS positioning GPs can track the trajectory of vehicles, can fully understand the operation of the situation. In addition, on-board DVR has some other features. One is distributed monitoring, centralized management, intelligent settings, human operation. The second is the use of wireless video server integration design, system reliability is high. Three is the use of dual-code flow technology, local video using D1 resolution, network transmission using CIF/QVGA resolution. Four is the use of H. 264 compression coding mode, support multi-channel video simultaneous access, each way video in the $number frame, the video clearer. Five is wireless network transmission, Mobile DVR China Telecom 3G uplink bandwidth up to 1.8mbit/s. Six is the system has strong ability to expand.

The car DVR is a niche market of traditional embedded DVR, which is a new special product developed with the application of digital video and audio coding technology in vehicle. Car DVR combined with digital video audio codec, harsh environment, large-capacity data hard disk storage, automotive electronics, Mobile DVR wireless video network transmission, GPS satellite positioning and other advanced technology to achieve the passenger transport industry, special vehicle industry and other related areas of audio-visual monitoring.

At present, the video-audio codec algorithms used by the DVR manufacturers include: MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H. 264, MJPEG, and so on, in which the compression rate of MPEG-2 and MJPEG is low, Mobile DVR and the use is relatively small; H. 264 coding algorithm has the characteristics of high video compression rate, low code flow and low bandwidth adaptability of wireless network, which is the direction of choosing compression format for DVR recorders. On-board DVR video resolution with the increase of digital coding performance also from CIF (352x288) to 2CIF (704x288), Dcif (528x384), D1 (704x576).

The hard drive Shockproof vibration damping technology is the key technology of the DVR, also is the special function of the difference and the traditional embedded hard disk recorder in the car DVR. Traditional hard drive damping and strengthening technology generally uses mechanical means to suspend the hard disk in a special hard drive shock absorber, the shock absorber absorbs the vibration and impact energy of the hard disk, Mobile DVR so as to ensure that the hard disk magnetism is not affected by the external mechanical vibration. In addition, some manufacturers choose the electronic damping program, through the external acceleration sensor to obtain the vibration information, according to the intensity of the vibration of the hard disk read and write cycle intervention to protect the hard disk head normal reading and writing. On the basis of video recording function, some car DVR has added some customization functions such as: GPS satellite positioning, traffic information recording, media advertisement playback and so on.

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