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Popular Hot! Hongdian Bus Wi-Fi Solution Leads A New Trend Of Transportation

Shenzhen Hongdian Corporation | Updated: Jun 22, 2016

With rapid development of e-commerce, the percentage of exhibition in marketing has decreased. Then exhibition effect is not as good as before. However, there’re both opportunity and challenge, as if you take it, you get the market.

The four-day ComunicAsia2016 just finished in Marina Bay Sands of Singapore. With excellent products and perfect marketing, Hongdian attracts a large number of visitors again, returns with fruitful results.

The main products in this fair are industrial application router and bus multimedia Wi-Fi router. H9303 Multimedia Bus Wi-Fi Router has been widely used in China, moreover, more and more foreign supplier begin to pay attention to this field, our solution has been walking ahead of the times.

Especially for overseas vehicle market, our company develops a total solution, loved by many foreign buyers.

Customer experience is always the first consideration of company. Except products and solutions, we also think a lot on the poster design.

During this fair, we got a lot of product requirements. We promise, we will keep making the best product for customer.

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