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On-board DVR With Automatic Cycle Video Recorder

Shenzhen Hongdian Corporation | Updated: Oct 18, 2017

The feature of DVR in CAR:

1, Video mode: Ignition video, open closed video, timing video, 24-hour video, shutdown delay video, open the door interval video, a total of six kinds of customer choice. Picture 3G

2, SD card storage: Card reader convenience, with hard disk storage can not be compared to the shockproof high temperature performance.

3, Automatic cycle Video: 16G SD card can be stored in the last 30 days of the passenger car up and down video.

4, Car black box function: Video overlay vehicle speed, Mobile DVR braking signal, built-in time, date, license plate number, etc.

5, synchronized recording: external monitoring microphone, sound and image synchronization stored in the SD card.

6, on-site playback: The host external monitor, video content can be replayed on-site.

7, Ultra wide voltage: 7-60v wide voltage input to ensure that the equipment can work stably.

8, support automatic switching: When opening the door to record passengers on the car, Mobile DVR closed after the delay in recording the situation inside the car.

9, Automatic Reset: Instantaneous power off, the system can quickly restore the video status after the recording screen is not affected.

Passenger transport industry on-board DVR needs In addition to the simple car video surveillance function, but also need wireless network video surveillance (to understand the real-time car inside and outside), GPS satellite positioning, vehicle scheduling, vehicle language Pictures 7-inch screen audio station, Mobile DVR vehicle information record, multimedia entertainment advertising and other functions.

The main functions of the public Security industry on-board DVR are: Video surveillance, wireless network transmission, PTZ control and so on. Traffic police pay more attention to how to carry out illegal evidence, the main needs are: License plate recognition, blacklist ratio equivalence. There is a similar need for the urban management and transportation industries.

In the financial industry, Mobile DVR the cash-carrying vehicle requires the DVR recorder to stabilize and reliably work, and can transmit the video and alarm information to the Management center platform instantly and interact with the Monitoring center platform in case of emergency.

On-board DVR should also be combined with automotive electronics-related functions, such as: Vehicle driving data acquisition and upload commonly used can bus technology, car DVR Video Recorders should also have can bus access and analysis and processing functions, through the SD card record vehicle traffic information, Mobile DVR and the important data analysis and processing.

Application of other vehicle DVR Video Recorder

Rail transportation, shipping, aviation and other industries also have real-time monitoring needs, these industries in addition to the need to increase the SD card damping reinforcement treatment, Mobile DVR but also need to pay attention to the use of such projects and ordinary car power supply difference.

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