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Car DVR Video Recorder Purchase Skills

Shenzhen Hongdian Corporation | Updated: Oct 09, 2017

Car DVR video recorder is attributed to the traditional embedded hard disk recorders subdivision shopping malls, is followed by digital video and audio coding skills in the use of vehicles and the development of a new special commodity. Car DVR video recorder with digital video and audio codec, harsh environment, large-capacity data hard disk storage, car electronics, wireless video network, GPS satellite positioning and other leading skills to complete the passenger career, special vehicle occupation and other related areas of audio and video surveillance The So, how to buy car DVR video recorder? The following small series teach you the right to buy car DVR video recorder.

Analysis of Custom Function of DVR Recorder

1, police vehicle custom function analysis

Public security occupation of the car DVR video recorder's primary functions are: video surveillance, wireless network, PTZ control and so on. Mobile DVR Traffic police pay more attention to how to carry out illegal evidence, the main needs are: license plate identification, blacklist than. Urban management and transport management and other occupations have similar needs with the traffic police.

2, passenger service custom function analysis

In addition to the simple car video surveillance function, but also the need for wireless network video surveillance (to know the real-time status of the car table), GPS satellite positioning, vehicle scheduling, vehicle voice stations, vehicle travel information records, Mobile DVR Multimedia entertainment advertising and other functions.

3, financial professional custom function analysis

Financial Occupation Carrier Car Demand Car DVR Recorder is secure and reliable, and instantly uploads video and alarm information to the management intermediate channel during the incident and interacts with the monitoring intermediate channel.

4, other vehicles car DVR video recorder use

Rail transport, ships, aviation and other occupations are also real-time monitoring of the needs of these occupations in addition to the need to add hard disk shock reinforcement treatment, Mobile DVR the need to pay attention to the use of such projects and general car power supply different, such as: train supply vehicle equipment Most of the power supply DC48V or DC110V, and the general car power supply DC12V or DC24V.

5, car electronic custom function

Car DVR video recorder should also be related to the car electronic function, such as: car travel data collection and upload throughout the selection of CAN bus skills, car DVR video recorder should also have CAN bus access and analysis of disposal functions, Mobile DVR through the hard disk record vehicle travel information , And the analysis and disposal of important data.

Car DVR Recorder purchase notes

To ensure that the car DVR recorder normal operation, the first to ensure that the power board output power stability. In the fixed narrow voltage environment, due to the input voltage and current stable, Mobile DVR and again from the electrical point of view, the output power resolution input power, so the general hard disk video recorder power supply only one adapter can be an adapter is nothing more than a transformer Plus a filter circuit, a little conscience plus a protection circuit, no conscience to protect the circuit are not installed, cheap Well, so the general cost of hard disk recorders and protection of relatively low cost.

But on the car DVR video recorder, the first thing to do is to narrow the dynamic voltage and current refinement. How to ensure that the car DVR recorder normal operation, stable voltage and current is very important, but on the other hand, Mobile DVR the input power of the device is fixed, from W = U * I know, the voltage changes in the current is also changing, The direction of the current change is always the opposite.

So if the start voltage is lower, then the relative start to add the current. Micro is so simple, but can be stable to do this function and to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, it can be required under a lot of effort, the first battle of the land that is to protect the circuit planning, Mobile DVR to know the car DVR video power board 1 hour Within the hundreds of times to withstand the impact of the protection circuit to do well, ranging from damage to the power board, while the direct breakdown of the power board burn the motherboard.

Second, from the earthquake-resistant ability, the general hard disk video recorder as the location of the environment fixed, the demand for seismic talent is not severe, and car DVR recorder seismic planning is very important, the main car to low-frequency sensation, most of the car to 20HZ -40HZ sensation-based, Mobile DVR poor earthquake handling will form a car DVR crash, restart, hard disk is not operating, lost records and other questions.

Car DVR video recorder need to have what function?

First, the video to be clear: video materials at least to reach HD1 (720 * 288) resolution, if the video is not clear that there is no meaning of the monitoring.

Second, the demand for power-saving function: the vehicle in the suspension of the operation, if the car DVR recorder long-term operation of the car battery will be a certain cost, easy to cause the vehicle can not be lost power, reducing the battery life added car cost. Perhaps some engineering business will talk about the power connected to the switch on the deal, but the driver can control the equipment switch, Mobile DVR can not do all the monitoring, other equipment, power outage will be a great damage to the hard disk, reducing the hard disk Use life, add the cost.

Third, the demand for active video function: We all know that customers click on the video button is a little effort, but the customer in the actual application will often forget the key to a press, and then inform you that the equipment is not video material, the customer is God, so Human capital, always added the cost, Mobile DVR so that more humane goods, but also the development of the company planning a commodity when thinking a point.

Fourth, the demand for anti-crash function: the car environment is chaotic, a variety of unexpected conditions can be presented to ensure that equipment in the event of an accident after the active recovery, Mobile DVR which is an important condition for the selection of goods.

Fifth, to think about the safety of materials storage and reading convenience: the customer when the demand for timely access to video materials, select the car DVR video recorder products must be thinking about the safety of video materials, to avoid man-made simple damage, But also to consider the convenience of access and reading.

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