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Wireless Router Performance Is Relatively Stable

Shenzhen Hongdian Corporation | Updated: Jun 08, 2017

What kind of wireless router to choose

See the transfer rate. At present, the speed of the wireless router is mainly 150M, 300M, 450M, 600M, 750M and gigabit. The higher the value, the higher the transfer rate, the more expensive the price. Among them, 300M of the product price in the hundred or so, 450M in the 200-400 yuan, the general family with 300M is enough. This is because, first of all, the highest rate of broadband home is only up to 100M, the router rate and then high, Wireless Router the Internet rate will not exceed the rate of broadband; Second, the phone or tablet by its own hardware, wireless transmission rate 54M, the maximum is not more than 150M, the router has a high rate of no significance.

See the brand. Be sure to choose a big brand of products, because the real decision of the wireless router performance is its chip. Large brands of products selected chip quality is higher, the performance is relatively stable; some brand-name products to use low-end chip to reduce costs, although some parameters are high, Wireless Router but the performance is not stable.

Look at the antenna. If it is large and small room type, the choice of multi-antenna products, Wireless Router by adjusting the antenna angle and defense can be appropriate to increase the direction of a signal strength.

Where the router is located

In order to cover the wireless signal to every corner of the home, in addition to choose the right product, the wireless router placement is also very important. There is a big principle is that close to the main use of the region, try to place the center.

WiFi signal is mainly direct transmission, encounter obstacles will not detour, if not penetrated to be blocked. So, what kind of obstacle can WiFi signal penetrate, what kind of can not it?

First, the metal can not penetrate. Therefore, the metal case of the weak box can only place a wired router, can not place a wireless router. Conditions must be placed, but also to buy the antenna external products, Wireless Router the weak box hole will be exposed to the antenna exposed outside the job.

Second, now the load-bearing walls of the house are mostly reinforced concrete, especially high-rise housing, the wall steel staggered into a network, forming an electromagnetic shielding network, so after a load-bearing wall after the signal will decay more than half, generally can not penetrate two load-bearing walls The

Third, the non-load-bearing walls (thickness of about 10 cm) through the two general problem is not big, Wireless Router can penetrate the three-tier depending on the specific circumstances.

A variety of ways to ensure full coverage

For the average family, a wireless router has been able to do the basic coverage of the wireless signal, but for some special rooms such as villas, thermocline or narrow room, you need to add some coverage of the location.

First, the wired network plus mini wireless router. This program is aimed at the main room has been laid under the cable network, only in the wireless signal can not cover the room to install a small wireless router. At present, mini-type wireless router can already do cigarette pack size, and the plug power and body is one, very small, Wireless Router connected to the wired network, you can directly plug in the socket.

Second, the power line router plus expander. This program is aimed at the room without a wired network, through the "power cat" with a wire transmission network signal, and through the expansion of the wireless signal coverage to the blank area. Power line network equipment need to buy, that is, "1 +1" or "1 + N" form, a power line router can generally drive about 10 expansion device.

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