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Car DVR Video Recorder Development Direction

Shenzhen Hongdian Corporation | Updated: Jun 08, 2017

Car DVR video recorder is designed for automotive security field design of the new car video surveillance equipment. It uses the embedded processor and embedded operating system, combined with the latest IT field H.264 audio and video compression / decompression technology, GPS global positioning technology, 3G wireless communications technology, USB communication technology, advanced automotive power management technology , GIS geographic information technology, applicable to all types of models for 24-hour monitoring. Products can be synchronized audio and video recording, Mobile DVR global positioning, wireless audio and video real-time transmission, while the host set aside a variety of interfaces, with the car display, IC card vehicle, signal priority control system, passenger flow system, Fully consider the user's expansion needs. The product looks small and simple, low power, no noise, flexible installation, the system is stable, can be widely used in public transportation, school bus, long-distance passenger transport, tourist bus, Mobile DVR logistics and freight, police law enforcement vehicles and other mobile vehicles.

Over the past two years, the market appeared a wide variety of car DVR video recorder, as the traditional embedded hard disk video recorder market segments, car DVR also ushered in a lot of security companies pro-Lai.

Car DVR video recorder development direction

From the technical point of view, DVR after a long period of development, with the image / voice recording, recording, remote monitoring and cloud control and other functions, Mobile DVR and set the screen segmentation, alarm control linkage, network transmission and other functions in one. DVR technology is basically mature, the basic functions of the future, the future direction of DVR technology will be how?

1, the hardware can be summarized as the processing speed faster, longer storage time

With the development of chip technology, the higher performance of the central processor to DVR faster, more powerful. From the early CIF DVR, to now D1 hard disk recorders, 960H hard disk recorders, hybrid hard disk recorders, HD-SDI hard disk recorders. In addition, with the trend of high-definition, storage needs are increasing, DVR hard disk management technology is also improving. Basically DVR may support more hard disk interface, support RAID technology, support DAS, SAN, NAS and other storage technology compatible.

2, the encoding is more advanced

Currently on the market mainstream DVR compression technology used MPEG-4, H.264, M-JPEG.MPEG-4, H. 264 is the most common compression method in China, and H. 264 has become the mainstream because of its more network transmission requirements. In the future, Mobile DVR in order to make the embedded DVR have wider applicability, the unity of various algorithms will be the future development trend, but this kind of unity is not the standard of which enterprise as the standard, and requires a wide range of government functions and DVR industry chain On the wide participation of various types of enterprises. For example, China has independent intellectual property rights AVS compression algorithm, and H. 265 compression algorithm, relative to H. 264 has revolutionized in many ways.

Car DVR Recorder Application Environment and Installation

First, long-distance bus there is a complex road conditions, faster, longer body of the particularity of the proposed installation of two or more than half of the dome camera, Mobile DVR the door and car to monitor the video, if necessary, Baggage extraction port for monitoring video.

Second, the bus staff crowded, the car environment is relatively poor. So the requirements of car DVR in seismic and temperature adaptation has a higher performance. In the absence of air-conditioned buses, the temperature of the southern summer car can reach about 50 degrees, the northern winter temperature can reach -20 degrees or even lower, in this environment, if the car is not a good feature is difficult to achieve This request. In the absence of a good anti-seismic car, Mobile DVR the impact of the earthquake is also an ordinary hard disk video recorder can not be achieved. To do monitoring without blind spots and dead ends, it is best to install four cameras.

Third, in the public security, fire, urban management law enforcement vehicles equipped with car DVR, which in many foreign countries have been very common in the country has also been gradually rising. Car DVR can record law enforcement officers.

Transportation vehicles; customs supervision vehicles and dangerous goods vehicles, and other special vehicles can be installed according to the needs of the installation of 1-4 camera, you can choose infrared Waterproof type or telephoto variable type.

5, car DVR recommended installation of the driver behind the seat or luggage rack, the installation should pay attention to the following points: a, car DVR to the level of installation, more than 20CM from the ground floor, conditional must be installed protective box; b, C, car DVR can not be installed in the vicinity of the engine (too hot) or can not heat the place, the machine around at least 15-20CM spacing to maintain ventilation and cooling; d, the car due to the need for ventilation And designed to non-closed, so pay attention to waterproof.

6, car DVR video power supply for the wide voltage input DC to DC switching power supply for 12V and 24V cars, input power between 60-100 watts, requiring access wire diameter of not less than 2.5 square millimeters, the power cord must be connected to the positive In the battery of the positive, and close to the end of the battery in series 10A fuse, the negative can be the nearest car body, but the grounding resistance must be less than 0.5 ohms. Machine output camera power cord can choose 1.5 square millimeters GB double insulated jacket line, camera video cable can be used more than 96 copper 75-4 coaxial cable. For bare metal interface must be wrapped with plastic tape, so as to avoid short circuit.

Seven, the maximum output power of 60 watts, support the machine itself and up to four camera and machine pickup power supply. Do not connect other electrical equipment.

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