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Routers Are Widely Used In All Walks Of Life

Shenzhen Hongdian Corporation | Updated: Jun 08, 2017

What is the router? A router is a device that connects to each local area network and wide area network in the Internet. It automatically selects and sets the route according to the channel, and sends the signal in the order of the best route and order. Router English name Router, the router is the hub of the Internet, "traffic police". At present, routers have been widely used in all walks of life, Router a variety of different grades of products has become a backbone to achieve a variety of internal connections, backbone network and the backbone of the Internet and Internet interconnection business main force.

The router is the main node device of the Internet. The router determines the forwarding of data by routing. The forwarding policy is called routing (routing), which is the origin of the router name (router, forwarder). As a hub of interconnection between different networks, the router system constitutes the main thread of the Internet based on TCP / IP. Router It can also be said that the router constitutes the skeleton of the Internet.

One of the functions of the router is to connect different networks, the other is to select the information transmission line. Choose a smooth and quick shortcut, can greatly improve the communication speed, Router reduce the network system communication load, save network system resources, improve the network system smooth rate, Router so that the network system to play a greater benefit.

The router has four elements: input port, output port, switch, routing processor and other ports.

From the architecture point of view, the router can be divided into the first generation single bus single CPU structure router, the second generation single bus master and slave CPU structure router, the third generation single bus symmetric multi-CPU structure router; fourth generation multi- Structure routers, the fifth generation of shared memory architecture routers, the sixth generation of cross-switch architecture routers and cluster-based system routers and other categories.

In addition, the choice of the router should pay attention to security, control software, Router network expansion capabilities, network management systems, plugging capacity and so on.

From 1996 to launch China's first narrowband router to today, for more than 10 years of market test and R & D investment.

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